Governor Alex Otti Appoints Dr. Eno Jerry As Chairman Abia State Civil Service Commission

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In a notable development, His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti, the Executive Governor of Abia State in Nigeria, has designated Pastor Dr. Eno Jerry as the Chairperson of the Abia State Civil Service Commission.

This appointment signals a pivotal stride towards enhancing the efficacy of governance and administrative processes within the state. Of particular interest is Pastor Eno Jerry’s affiliation as the spouse of Pastor Jerry Eze, the esteemed Senior Pastor of Streams of Joy International and Convener of New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD).

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Background of Pastor Dr. Eno Jerry

A perfect example of a Polymath, Pastor Eno also holds an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Entrepreneurship Institute Australia, a Masters in International Human Resource Management from the University of Greenwich London, and is currently concluding her PhD in Human Resources Management. With extensive years in management, She consults for multinational companies, mega-churches, and several non-profit organizations. She is the Lead Consultant, M.D, and CEO of Jeno Management Solutions, a Human Resource Company.

Governor Alex Otti’s Decision

Drawing from her background in leadership and her unwavering commitment to community service, Pastor Eno Jerry is primed to instigate positive transformations within the Abia State Civil Service Commission, emphasizing operational efficiency, transparency, and the welfare of the state’s civil servants. By entrusting Pastor Eno with this pivotal responsibility, the Governor underscores his unwavering confidence in her leadership acumen and capacity to effect tangible change.

The residents of Abia State eagerly await the unfolding of constructive developments under the stewardship of Pastor Eno Jerry as the Chairperson of the Abia State Civil Service Commission. Heartfelt congratulations extend to Pastor Eno Jerry as Governor Alex Otti extends his invitation for her to serve within his administration. By entrusting Pastor Eno with this crucial role, the Governor demonstrates his confidence in her ability to lead and make a meaningful difference. The people of Abia State eagerly anticipate the positive changes that will unfold under the leadership of Pastor Eno Jerry as the Chairperson of the Abia State Civil Service Commission.

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Potential Impact on Governance

Dr. Eno Jerry’s ascent to the role of Chairperson of the Abia State Civil Service Commission heralds a new chapter in her illustrious journey of service and leadership. With a profound sense of duty and a wealth of experience gleaned from her involvement in various community initiatives, she stands ready to steer the commission towards greater effectiveness and accountability. Her appointment reflects a strategic move by Governor Alex Otti to infuse fresh perspective and dynamism into the state’s civil service apparatus. Pastor Eno’s proven track record of integrity and her capacity to inspire collaborative efforts position her as a beacon of hope for fostering a culture of excellence within the commission.

As she assumes her responsibilities, Pastor Eno Jerry remains steadfast in her commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. Her leadership ethos, characterized by inclusivity and empathy, resonates deeply with the aspirations of the people of Abia State for a civil service that is responsive to their needs and aspirations. In the corridors of power, Pastor Eno’s presence serves as a testament to the importance of diversity and gender inclusivity in driving meaningful change. Her elevation to this pivotal role sends a powerful message about the value of harnessing the talents and perspectives of all members of society in pursuit of collective progress and development.


With Pastor Eno Jerry at the helm, the Abia State Civil Service Commission embarks on a transformative journey towards efficiency, integrity, and service excellence. Her leadership is poised to leave an indelible mark on the fabric of governance in the state, inspiring future generations to embrace the call to public service with dedication and purpose.

A big congratulations to Pastor Dr. Eno Jerry, her husband, Pastor Eze Jerry and the entire NSPPD

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